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5 things to do before becoming an long term investor

1. Know your expenses in advance and provide for it including your fun money like annual travel and shopping. Having a written monthly expenses in a excel sheet or a diary will be very helpful to stay on track.

2. Have an Emergency Fund: It is good to have atleast 6 month living expenses in a Bank FD or Liquid Fund. Six month is good for a start but twelve month is the ideal. The objective here is quick liquidity and not high returns.

3. Have adequate health insurance with no sub limits on room charges. Check your existing policy if there is any such sub limits.

4. Have adequate term insurance plan based on your annual income. It will protect your income loss in case of an untimely death, will enable all outstanding debts pay off and maintain current standard of lifestyle expenses for family members.

5. Parent Support Fund: Need to support elderly parent can come up any time without any prior notice. Having a separate parent support fund will come handy. It can be kept in a separate bank FD or Liquid Fund.   

Now you are ready to sow the seeds of high growth investment like a farmer and give it enough time to go through a full economic cycle of 7 years and reap the harvest when the goal arrives. 

Providing the above 5 things will avoid untimely unwarranted withdrawals and will not cease your high growth wealth compounding process.

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