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Keep the patience

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Your income is not wealth, your saving is wealth. Wealth helps to avoid money worries, which is the main worry for most of the population. 

Markets over the long run have been providing around 15% average annualized returns.  It gives an AVERAGE return and not an ANNUAL return.

We believe India becoming a $10 trillion economy over the next 12 to 15 years is very much possible. This means growth in many sectors resulting in good wealth creation for investors.

Markets do not provide returns in the way we like. Markets may not provide returns for few years and provide multiple year returns in a single year. Markets go through years of Negative Returns, Low Returns and High Returns

Staying invested patiently through all these THREE phases gives a good AVERAGE return. It takes around 7 years to complete these THREE phases of the market. All existing investors who have completed 7 years are seeing good average returns.

All those who have invested within last 3 years have to be patient. When we respect the market cycles, the market will repay us back with good returns.Nothing meaningful in life can be achieved without pain. So is WEALTH

Wealth or lack of it makes an enormous difference to our life. So embrace enormous patience and mental toughness in this journey.

Stay the course, let your investment complete the first 7-year time hurdle

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