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It's a NEW financial year

Key points to strengthen your finances in this NEW financial year.

1. Be Irreplaceable in your Job: Make it impossible for your company to do without you or replace you. Volunteer for training across functions & tasks. Seek projects critical to the company's business. Wear multiple hats to fill existing gaps in the organisation. Think from your firm's perspective - how do you bring in measurable value beyond your price.

2. Human Networking: Opportunities are intangible and access to them lies through people. Your personal connections & professional reputation is what will open doors to new roles that are not available in the market. 3. Rebuild your Contingency Fund : 6 to12 month of living expenses saved in a Bank FD or Liquid Fund (will come handy during unexpected emergencies like now) 4. Anticipate any big spending which may come up during the year, allocate funds accordingly in liquid form. 5. Invest in yourself which may improve your capacity to EARN more, improve productivity, save time, be healthier & more fit. YOU are the highest return generating asset for yourself.

Happy New Financial Year 2020 - 21

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