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NRIs plan well before you return

NRIs plan well as you plan to return and settle here one day

Health insurance:

Have your personal health insurance from an Indian company in advance before returning back permanently. You will be building a NO CLAIM history in their records and sail through all policy-related standard waiting periods.

Build large financial assets:

Channelize your monthly surpluses into growth-oriented portfolio instruments like mutual funds, PMS, bonds, etc. to build a large corpus to fund your retirement and kids’ future.

Real estate investments:

Apart from having one primary residence where you would like to live when you return. Do not overdo in real estate from an investment point of view. Rental yields are in the range of 1- 2% & capital appreciation will be very slow going ahead.

Guaranteed return plans:

Beware of product push from bank staff in the name of guaranteed return plans or fixed maturity plans. All of them are trying to sell life insurance plans. Do not block your capital and restrict its growth. It’s your hard earned money.

Check your total wealth ratios:

Write down all your asset value on a paper and do a check of their ratios.

Your focus should be ensuring that your total wealth is primarily made up of

Financial assets 50%

Real estate 40%

Gold 10%

Purpose of wealth:

Ensure that your wealth grows in value while you are there and offers the potential for income when you return. Your wealth should be available for use as needed and not only for social acceptance.

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