• Sojan-Thomas

Put your house in order

One of the big life decisions that we must make 'before it is late' is with respect to getting organized with our finances.

All the wealth that we are trying to compound to become financially stable, means nothing if our family dependents do not know about it, when we are still here.

What about those multiple mutual fund schemes, insurance policies, stocks in multiple demat accounts. Do your dependents know enough about them to act when they need to?

Who are the trusted advisors who are helping you in your financial journey? Do your dependents know about them so that they can connect with them to seek help in time of need?

Where have you kept your important documents - birth certificates, house ownership papers, passport, fixed deposits certificates etc? Who knows about them?

What about your important passwords - net banking, emails. Of course, these must not be shared, but how will your dependents access them when you are no more to share?

The list could go on, unlike, life.

The greatest wonder is "Each day we hear news of death but we live as though we are immortal"

Let us focus on documenting for the sake of our loved ones on priority.

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