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Why professional advice is needed

An investment plan or product  is not an end in itself. It is only a means to an end.

In simple words , it is a vehicle to take us to our destination, like an OLA service.

We choose this vehicle depending on our destination, the time we have in our hand and the resources available to us.

Once the choice of the vehicle is done, we focus only on the destination and enjoy the travel and live our life. 

We leave the traffic jams, road blocks or bumps en route to be taken care by this OLA service provider.

A fund manager manages the investment portfolio and the investment adviser manages the behavior of the investor. Both have a common goal to help you reach your destination i.e. goals, as per the expected time. 

Need for a financial planner goes beyond advice. It also gives a sense of security and confidence.

When you see stock market volatility - as was witnessed now - it's very easy to lose your nerve, panic and run from equity. 

But a planner will help you focus on the long term goals, ignoring the short term blips. A planner keeps you from making mistakes.

Reassurance of a professional is very important.

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